How Prop-ed Works

Prop-ed is a way to open up content on your web page or blog to edits from your readers.

Prop-ed allows you to create and embed writing pieces on your webpage or blog so that your readers can instantly suggest contributions as they read.

How to Use Prop-ed

A person creates a piece with a title and as much content as they like - they become the 'founder' of the piece.

To embed a piece on your website, click the “Embed Piece” button in the top right hand corner of the piece’s sidebar. A modal will appear with a script. Copy and paste the script into your webpage or blog.

{{ When the page loads, the latest version of the piece will be displayed between curly braces like this.  }} Your readers click on the curly braces to make edits in mark-up.

When people suggest edits to the content, the edits appear in a mark-up of insertions and deletions.

A packet of edits by a contributor is called a “proposition”, or “prop” for short. A prop’s edits are applied to the piece if the founder approvest the prop. If a prop is applied, a new version of the piece is created.

If the prop is not approved or rejected after 24 hours, it expires without creating a new version of the piece.

Feel free to email us on if you’ve got any ideas on how to make Prop-ed work better.

Prop Success Scores

Prop-ed has a rudimentary reputation system based on how many successful props someone has proposed. You'll often see this score next to a User's name.

Following Pieces

You can follow pieces.

If you're a follower, you will get all the piece notifications as it develops. You can use the "email notifications" drop-down to choose which events you will be notified of by email.